Melville Primary
Melville Primary School

School Ethos/Vision


Melville Primary School

Our vision is to ensure that the students will fulfil their potential and positively contribute to the community and ultimately to society.


Students learn best when their background experiences are considered and valued and learning opportunities are meaningful and relevant.

Students will develop higher order thinking skills through explicit instruction and practice.

All students and teachers have the right to learn and teach in a mutually respectful environment.

Parents and students receive purposeful feedback and share in the accountability of their academic progress and behaviour.

The School Culture

We are committed to promoting a culture where:

We Strive For Excellence

We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them as individuals and as a member of the community.

We Respect Ourselves and Others

We recognise the unique potential of all students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.

We Display Civic Responsibility

Our relationships are based on trust and mutual respect with the acceptance of responsibility to our society.

We Respect the Environment

We support and respect our environment using the reduce, reuse and recycle processes.